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Graphic Design Services

Not every message generates a reaction – but compelling, targeted messages pull results.

And great graphic design achieves maximum impact.


graphic design services

Branding, impressions, drop dates, CPM, response rates: We speak your language. We can suggest ways to enhance and improve your direct marketing mailings, like using variable printing, follow-ups, personalized URLs (pURLs) and more. If your time is short and resources are limited, Midwest Direct has a team of designers that think and communicate visually, and create communications delivering maximum impact.

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Do you have the resources and expertise to maintain accurate, up-to-date information?

To get the most benefit from our multichannel marketing experience, we suggest working together as early as possible. For example, did you know your choice of font could make your mailing addresses unreadable? Or that a simple indicia mistake could cause your mailing to fail? An hour or two at the beginning of your project will save time and money on the back end!

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professional design services

Midwest Direct design services creates communications that deliver maximum impact:
  • + Direct mail piece design and customization
  • + Booklet design and assembly
  • + Custom postcard and brochure design
  • + Invoice customization
  • + Statement design and customization
  • + Digital design and marketing